Treatment careers in problem gambling: Factors associated with first treatment and treatment re-entry

  • authors:

    Nicki Dowling, Tangerine A. Holt, Alun C. Jackson, Shane A. Thomas
  • published in

    : 2008
  • summary

    : This study examined the utility of a treatment career perspective in relation to problem gambling. The study examined the differences between 1899 clients entering treatment for the first time (new clients) and 374 clients returning to treatment (re-presenting clients) at the problem gambling treatment services in Victoria (Australia). New and re-presenting clients were compared on a range of factors relating to demographic information, gambling activity, impact of gambling activity, and service activity. Although there were many similarities between the two group of clients, re-presenting clients were more likely to report a range of factors relating to lower socio-economic status, to present the treatment with family problems, and to experience more positive treatment outcomes than new clients. The study concludes that distinguishing between first treatment contact and subsequent entry to treatment is clinically relevant, and that the examination of problem gambling from a treatment career perspective is deserving of further attention.
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    : article in journal
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    : Informa Healthcare
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    : Addiction Research and Theory
  • volume

    : 16
  • issue

    : 6
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    : © 2009 Informa plc
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    : English
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    : start page: 618 - end page: 632
  • keywords

    : counseling , lapse , problem gambling , relapse , treatment careers , treatment re-entry
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