Indigenous Gambling Motivations, Behaviour and Consequences in Northern New South Wales, Australia

  • authors:

    Helen Breen, Ashley Gordon, Nerilee Hing
  • published in

    : 2010
  • summary

    : Against a background of public health, we sought to examine and explain gambling behaviours, motivations and consequences of Indigenous Australians in northern New South Wales. Adhering to national Aboriginal and ethical guidelines and using qualitative methods, 169 Indigenous Australians were interviewed individually and in small groups using semi-structured interviews. Over 100 in-depth interviews were conducted. Using thematic analysis, the results indicate a range of contrasting social and more problematic gambling behaviours, motivations and consequences. Acknowledging the cultural distinctiveness of Indigenous gambling and distinguishing between their social and more problematic gambling behaviours, motivations and consequences can assist with public health prevention, harm reduction and treatment programs for Indigenous gamblers in all parts of Australia.
  • type

    : article in journal
  • publisher

    : Springer
  • is part of a publication

    : International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction
  • original language

    : English
  • keywords

    : Aboriginal people , Australia , community and public health , health and well-being , research qualitative
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