Harm Reduction for the Prevention of Youth Gambling Problems

  • authors:

    Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Laurie M. Dickinson, Rina Gupta
  • published in

    : 2004
  • summary

    : Despite the growing popularity of the harm reduction approach in the field of adolescent alcohol and substance abuse, a harm reduction approach to prevention and treatment of youth problem gambling remains largely unexplored. This article poses the question of whether the harm reduction paradigm is a promising approach to the prevention of adolescent problem gambling and other risky behaviors. The authors use a universal, selective, and indicative prevention framework to present current prevention initiatives that have emerged from the harm reduction health paradigm for adolescent substance and alcohol abuse. The risk-protective factor model is used as a conceptual basis for designing youth problem gambling harm reduction prevention programs. This framework illustrates the developmental appropriateness of the harm reduction approach for youth. Implications drawn from this conceptual examination of harm reduction as a prevention approach to adolescent problem gambling provide valuable information for treatment providers as well.
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    : article in serial publication
  • publisher

    : SAGE Publications
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    : Journal of Adolescent Research
  • volume

    : 19
  • issue

    : 2
  • copyright

    : © 2004 by SAGE Publications
  • original language

    : English
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    : start page: 233 - end page: 263
  • keywords

    : adolescent , gambling , prevention , theory
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