Gambling stigma gone but sting remains strong: There was a time when gambling was considered a wickedness in proper society, the preserve of fallen heirs and shifty lowlifes. Today it's not uncommon for parents to slip a 6/49 ticket into a child's bi

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    Jean Drapeau, Rina Gupta
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    : 2001
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    : Boxenbaum is the CEO of Viva Consulting, which provides hands-on treatment for gambling addicts and lobbies for greater recognition of government-run gambling's social consequences. To him, the big difference between today and 30 years ago, when governments started cutting in on the action, is that gambling has lost not its sting, but its stigma. "Now we find we have a generation was born into this, that doesn't even know that at one time gambling was illegal." Illegal gambling, mainly on sporting events, is still a flourishing business, and operates with more impunity than ever. It is abetted by the casual new attitude toward gambling in general, and by newspapers whose editorials rage against the festering gambling plague, while their sports sections helpfully publish the odds on heavyweight fights and point spreads for National Football League games. Tales such as [Daniel Naudi]'s were not uncommon in the days before legalized gambling. But through most of history gambling casualties were commonly regarded as victims of their own folly, and at best the dupes of degenerate elements that governments could be called on to deal with harshly. Today they are increasingly viewed as victims of government avarice. This comes at a time when the social implications of organized gambling are being studied more closely than ever before. Until recently, there was little reliable research in the field, in large part because its underground nature made it difficult to study.
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