Gambling Commission: Annual report and accounts 2009/10

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    : 2010
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    : The past year has been a challenging one for many businesses facing the impact of the worldwide recession, and the gambling industry is no exception. Against this background, the Commission has continued to develop a cost-effective and proportionate approach to keeping gambling fair and safe for all. We are conscious both of the economic pressures on operators and the constraints on our own resources, with fee levels frozen for at least two years and a small decline in fee income this year. The vast majority of operators aim to offer gambling responsibly and legally. Increasingly, this enables us to limit our role with those operators to the provision of advice and oversight of their own efforts to ensure compliance. As a result we are able to concentrate our efforts on those who compete unfairly and put the public significantly at risk by trading illegally or otherwise flouting regulatory requirements.
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    : Gambling Commission [UK]
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