Evaluating the impact of the first Regional Casino in Great Britain

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    : 2007
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    : 1.1 Under the terms of the 2005 Gambling Act, the Government intends to allow the licensing of seventeen new casinos of three different types – “Regional”, “Large” and “Small”. This report is concerned only with the single Regional Casino that the Act initially allows. 1.2 The Government appointed, on September 30th 2005, an independent panel – the Casino Advisory Panel – to recommend to the Secretary of State locations for all seventeen new casinos. During 2006 it invited and evaluated applications from local authorities interested in licensing one or more of them. 1.3 For the Regional Casino the Panel received sixty-seven applications, from which it shortlisted eight.1 It then sought supplementary information from the applicant authorities and held Examinations in Public with them. All the material that the Panel received was published on its website.2 1.4 The Panel announced its recommendations on January 30th 2007, and for the Regional Casino recommended Manchester. Assuming that the Secretary of State agrees, both with this and with the Panel’s sixteen other recommendations, she has to bring an Order before Parliament to put them into effect. It is expected that the Order will be debated and voted on in mid-March 2007. 1.5 The Government has said that it regards the first Regional Casino as a pilot which will be formally evaluated in order to help it to decide whether to license more. Minister for Sport Richard Caborn said in October 2006, “A scoping study is currently under way which will establish the methodology for the assessment of the social and economic impact of the new casinos permitted by the Gambling Act 2005….. We will then undertake an assessment of the social and economic impact of the new casinos no earlier than three years after the award of the first premises licence.” 1.6 On January 30th 2007, announcing the Casino Advisory Panel’s recommendations to the House of Commons, the Secretary of State went a little further by saying, “We have commissioned a group of academics led by Lancaster University to advise on the methodology for that assessment.” So far as we are aware, the scoping study has not been made public, and it is not entirely clear from the Secretary of State’s choice of words whether it will be.
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