Economic aspects of gambling regulation: EU and US perspectives

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    : 2008
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    : The dynamic discussions which took place at the Colloquium on the Economic Aspects of Gambling Regulation: EU and US Perspectives, hosted by Tilburg University, are reflected in this book. It brings together a wide range of perspectives from the contemporary debate surrounding the regulation of gambling from within the context both of the EU and the USA. Not only does the book encompass both ends of the spectrum of the current discussion; it also brings together the perspectives of academics, lawyers and operators. Debates surrounding the regulation of gambling have been increasing in terms of frequency and ferocity, at the national, European and international levels. Within the Member States of the European Union there has been considerable debate as to the appropriate method of regulating gambling, in particular with a view to securing revenue streams for good causes. Concurrently, infringement proceedings of the European Commission and the case-law of the European Court of Justice have the potential to disrupt chosen regulatory approaches and thus long established revenue flows. This is but one of the economic aspects to the regulation of gambling which to date has not been explored within Europe to the extent seen in the United States. Lessons which European jurisdictions can learn from American experiences in this field, and discussions on the state-of-the-art of gambling economics in Europe today, form the basis of this dynamic book. © 2006 Brill Disclaimer
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    : monography
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    : Hotei Publishing
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    Tom Coryn, Cyrille Fijnaut, Alan Littler
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    : economic aspects , gambling , gambling regulation
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