Development of an Instrument for the Analysis of Problem Gambling Counselling Practice

  • authors:

    Beth R. Crisp, Tangerine A. Holt, Alun C. Jackson, Shane A. Thomas
  • published in

    : 2003
  • summary

    : This article provides an overview of the development and validation of a Counsellor Task Analysis (Problem Gambling) [CTA (PG)] instrument undertaken in order to document the activities of counsellors in problem gambling services. The CTA (PG) aims to provide a broad overview of the complexity of the counsellor's role; specify the range of tasks they perform; and document the relationship between the frequency of task performance and the counsellor's beliefs about the importance of the tasks performed. The CTA (PG) instrument addresses nine dimensions of practice activity through nine subscales, all of which demonstrate internal consistency. It appears to be a strong instrument in terms of its measurement error characteristics for recommending its use with counsellors engaged in the field of gambling. The CTA (PG) gives counsellors the opportunity to document their practice and theories in use when dealing with a problem gambler, a member of the problem gambler's family and the community at large. The psychometric findings reported in this article should be viewed as the preliminary results of an ongoing research effort and further psychometric testing is anticipated.
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    : Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group
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    : International Gambling Studies
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    : 3
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    : 1
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    : English
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    : start page: 67 - end page: 87
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    : counseling , problem gambling
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