Cruises to Nowhere

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    : 2003
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    : Cruises to nowhere are gambling ships that depart from and return to a single port without stopping en route at any other ports of call. These day cruises sail into international waters for the purpose of allowing their patrons to gamble, returning to their home port in a matter of hours. While gambling is the main activity offered on cruises to nowhere, such gambling activities are not regulated by the state nor are gambling revenues subject to state taxation. The cruises to nowhere industry pays sales and use taxes on purchases of tangible personal property, purchases of diesel fuel, and admission charges and collects and remits sales tax on the sale of tangible personal property while in Florida waters. Cruises to nowhere also pay corporate income taxes and prorated alcoholic beverage tax. Cruises which originate in Florida and provide the opportunity for passengers to disembark in another state or country, or multi-day cruises, are considered to be vessels engaged in transportation in interstate or foreign commerce and are not subject to the sales tax on admissions or sales tax on the sale of tangible personal property or diesel fuel. This project looked at the cruises to nowhere industry to determine what type of state and local taxes they pay, the impact the industry has on Florida’s economy and whether additional taxes are warranted.
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    : report
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    : Committee on Finance and Taxation, Florida Senate
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