Compulsive gambling in Britain

  • author:

    Joseph M. Kelly
  • published in

    : 1988
  • summary

    : In 1968 England legalized casino gaming. Unlike their counterparts in America, legislators in the House of Lords actively debated ways to help compulsive gamblers. Parliament adopted the ldquo48 hour rule,rdquo requiring players to wait two days before gambling, put severe restrictions on check cashing in casinos and, limited the number of slot machines to two per club. England considered, but rejected, other proposals: the method, used in France, of allowing compulsive gamblers to voluntarily put their names on a list of persons to be excluded and, complete prohibitions on casino credit. Although the legislative restrictions greatly reduced compulsive gambling among adult gamers; sadly, Parliament ignored what has become a growing source of compulsive gambling among children: the practically unlimited availability of public arcades with ldquoamusement machinesrdquo paying small cash prizes. The author wishes to thank James Claber for assistance in this article.
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    : Journal of Gambling Studies
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    : Britain , compulsive gambling , gambling
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