Compulsive gambling and the medical model

  • author:

    Sheila B. Blume
  • published in

    : 1988
  • summary

    : The medical model as a conceptual and operative approach to compulsive gambling is discussed. The terms ldquomedical modelrdquo and ldquodiseaserdquo are defined and the practical implications of their application to compulsive gambling are explored. Special attention is given to the ldquoaddictive diseaserdquo concept. Finally, a variety of objections to the medical model are described, but it is concluded that the many individual and social advantages of the medical model make it the preferred conceptualization at our present state of knowledge.
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    : article in journal
  • publisher

    : Springer Netherlands
  • is part of a publication

    : Journal of Gambling Studies
  • volume

    : 3
  • issue

    : 4
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    : © Springer
  • original language

    : English
  • article pagination

    : start page: 237 - end page: 247
  • keywords

    : compulsive gamblers , medication treatment
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