Characteristics of Gambling Helpline Callers with Self-Reported Gambling and Alcohol Use Problems

  • authors:

    Marc N. Potenza, Marvin Steinberg, Ran Wu
  • published in

    : 2005
  • summary

    : The characteristics of problem gamblers calling the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling (CCPG) gambling helpline during the years 2000–2001 (n = 960) were examined based on the presence or absence of self-reported alcohol use problems. A relatively low proportion of callers reported a problem with alcohol use (173/960 or 18.0%), and of those acknowledging an alcohol use problem, the majority reported a past rather than current problem (143/173 or 82.7%). A logistic regression analysis found that, as compared with problem gamblers denying any alcohol use problems, those reporting past or current alcohol use problems were more likely to be male and more frequently acknowledged problems with more forms of gambling, suicide attempts related to gambling, arrests secondary to gambling, daily tobacco use, drug use problems, prior substance abuse treatment, and family histories positive for alcohol and drug use problems. The findings highlight the strong relationship between alcohol use problems and other substance use problems, and suggest that problem gamblers with as compared with those without alcohol use problems demonstrate greater problems in multiple areas (arrest, attempted suicide) linked by impaired impulse control.
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    : Springer
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    : Journal of Gambling Studies
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    : 21
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    : 3
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    : English
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    : start page: 233 - end page: 254
  • keywords

    : alcoholism , helpline , impulsivity , problem gambling
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