Behind the 8-Ball: A Guide for Families of Gamblers

  • authors:

    Insoo Kim Berg, Linda Berman
  • published in

    : 2008
  • summary

    : "This book is essential for gamblers, families, friends, and professionals who need to know more about the personalities of gamblers...It is a precise, updated, and accurate look at how gambling affects families."-Timothy W. Fong, MD, co-director, UCLA Gambling Studies Program "This book remains as important today as ever and has remained the standard reference for family members of gamblers."-Keith Whyte, executive director, National Council on Problem Gambling Is someone you care about gambling your life away? You don't have to be a gambler yourself to suffer from the often disastrous effects of excessive gambling. "Behind the 8-Ball" is the must-have guide to reclaiming your financial, legal, and emotional freedom. Spouses, parents, siblings, children, friends, and coworkers of the gambler will learn how to: Understand why some people lose control of their gambling Recognize the compulsive gambler and realistically assess the financial and emotional damage he or she is causing you and others Accept that you can't control someone else's gambling Encourage the gambler to seek help Recover from being involved with a gambler For anyone who is or has ever been involved with someone who gambles too much, this supportive, informative volume delivers all the tools and motivation you need to rebuild your life.
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    : monography
  • publisher

    : Springer Netherlands
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    : Journal of Gambling Studies
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    : English
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    : start page: 317
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    : addiction , gambling , gambling addiction , pathological gambling , recovery
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