Age and gambling behavior: A declining and shifting pattern of participation

  • authors:

    Joseph Hraba, Waiman P. Mok
  • published in

    : 1991
  • summary

    : The relationship between age and gambling has received relatively little attention in the social sciences. An aging American population might have a fundamental effect on gambling behavior suggesting that such research is needed. A random telephone survey of 1,011 Iowa residents was conducted. Chronological age was found to be negatively related to gambling behavior in this study. Within this trend, however, people of different ages were also found to be participating in different types of gambling. The general decline in gambling across age categories can be conceptualized as a result of an age decline in experimentation with gambling for self-identity, self-presentation, as well as an historical increase in the social acceptance of gambling. The differential rates of participation in different types of gambling could result from differential needs and resources related to different stages of development and thus age categories. Earlier versions of this paper were presented at the Eighth International Conference on Risk and Gambling in London, England on August 17, 1990 and the 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America in Boston on November 19, 1990. This research was partially funded by the Iowa Department of Human Services. The authors would like to thank Dan Hoyt, David Huff, Motoko Lee, Henry Lesieur, Mack Shelley, and the anonymous reviewers for helpful comments on earlier drafts.
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    : Journal of Gambling Studies
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    : 7
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    : 4
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    : start page: 313 - end page: 335
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    : age , aging , gambling behavior
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