Addiction to fruit machines: A preliminary study among young males

  • author:

    Mark Griffiths
  • published in

    : 1990
  • summary

    : Although most sources treat gambling as an adult phenomenon, adolescent gambling is more widespread than is generally recognized, and in some cases may even be pathological. This paper outlines a preliminary study of eight adolescents addicted to playing and gambling on coin-in-the-slot machines (more commonly known as lsquofruit machinesrsquo). Factors involved in the onset of fruit machine playing are examined along with their alternative gambling activities and associated problems. The role of lsquoskillrsquo and lsquoexcitementrsquo components in persistent playing are also discussed. The author would like to thank the United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council for funding this work through a research studentship.
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    : article in journal
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    : Springer Netherlands
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    : Journal of Gambling Studies
  • volume

    : 6
  • issue

    : 2
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    : © Springer
  • original language

    : English
  • article pagination

    : start page: 113 - end page: 126
  • ISSN: 1050-5350
  • keywords

    : addiction , fruit machines , preliminary investigation
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