Personality Characteristics and Risk-Taking Tendencies Among Adolescent Gamblers

  • authors:

    Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Stephen Ellenbogen, Rina Gupta
  • published in

    : 2006
  • summary

    : Eight hundred and seventeen high school students in the Montreal region completed the DSM-IV-J diagnostic gambling measure, High School Personality Questionnaire (HSPQ), Zuckerman Sensation seeking Scale (SSS), along with a gambling questionnaire ascertaining gambling participation and gambling-related behaviours. Eight of fourteen personality factors assessed by the HSPQ, as well as three of the four subscales of the SSS differed by gambling severity. A discriminant analysis found that high levels of Disinhibition, Boredom Susceptibility, Cheerfulness and Excitability, as well as low levels of Conformity, and Self-Discipline are strongly associated with the function that best predicts problem gambling severity level. The findings suggest that there exist qualitative differences in personality and risk-taking styles for adolescents based upon the severity of their gambling behaviour, lending support to the premise that certain types of individuals are more susceptible than others to developing a gambling problem.
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    : article in journal
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    : Canadian Psychological Association
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    : Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science
  • volume

    : 38
  • issue

    : 3
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    : English
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    : start page: 201 - end page: 214
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    : discriminant analysis , gambling , personality traits
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